Iteso Cultural Union has put forward among its 2024 new year resolution a plan to raise revenue to help in availing scholarships for the students in the Iteso region of Eastern Uganda.

“In many cases, we have found many of our students in the region failing to advance to tertiary institutions because of lack of funds” reiterates Papa Sande Emolot, the Emorimor of Iteso.

He adds that even though they are building on the dream of the late Emorimor of Iteso, it is ICU’s dream to see that the beneficiaries of these intended scholarships will be able to invest back in their communities for the future generations to enjoy the same.

According to a recent Action Aid report,the Teso sub region has one of Uganda’s highest illiteracy rates, standing at 88%.

“We are also planning to raise revenue for the construction of the Teso royal palace,” added Papa Sande Emolot.

Since the year 2023, the Iteso Cultural Union has been facilitating the renovation of the Kingdom headquarters in Soroti and currently scouting for 10-15 acres of land where the Teso palace will be constructed.

“We hope to launch the renovated Kingdom offices in May 2024” says the Emorimor.

Papa Paul Sande Emolot, was installed as Iteso Paramount Chief in October 2022 after the death of former Emorimor Augustine Osuban Lemukol.

The Emorimor has since engaged in initiatives to uphold the late Emorimor’s precedent. He has purposely used his international engagements with Ateker International Development Organization (AIDO Network) to lobby for investors/investments with the aim of building the Teso region.

HRH Papa Sande Emolot was one the first cultural leaders in Africa to embrace the reconnection agenda by AIDO Network International aimed at promoting brotherhood, investment opportunities, trade and tourism with the African Diaspora. His hard work is about to yield results as a number of Africans from the diaspora have heeded his call to return home with the aim of building the economy by facilitating investment opportunities especially in the Teso region of Eastern Uganda.

Written by:

Agnes Namale
AIDO Press Secretary.