Good health and wellbeing is a core enabler for engagement and organisational performance.


Our Welbeing Team aims to support members of our Network to sustainably improve and maintain their wellbeing.


This is core to our organisational values.

We provide a safe space where we support each other in managing the day to day challenges that come along with life. We create a comfortable time to share experiences and receive guidance on the pillars to wellness. The wellness sessions allows us time to focus on our physical, mental, spiritual , and emotional Wellbeing.

  • Our sessions offer an opportunity for us to have healthy conversations .
  • We aim to lift each other up along our Wellness journey.
  • Our focus is on taking positive steps forward in the right direction.

Our Team is currently considering the change of circumstances in our lives brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic.
People are faced with isolation, bereavement, loss of income and fear.
Our mental health is of concern because of the effects of Covid 19 which triggers unhealthy conditions or exacerbates already existing ones.
It is our social responsibility to empower others and make everyone know that they are not on their own.

Good mental health is an asset and is also linked to good physical health – both of which support positive social and economic outcomes for individuals and the society at large.

Our Welbeing Team are here to support and walk with you along your wellbeing journey.


Your wellbeing is important to us.


Mrs. Tendai Mashonganyika
Head of
Aido Wellbeing Committee