The check worth10,000 USD received from Crane Chem Pharma & Energy on the 21st of July 2023 completed the AIDO fundraising goal of raising $30,000 for the shipment of $350,000-$400,000 worth medical equipment to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital.

AIDO Network for sometime, has been running a fundraising campaign to raise money to help in the shipment of a medical equipment container to help facilitate the work of medical personels at Soroti Regional Refferal Hospital.

For a long time, the Medical team at Soroti Regional Refferal hospital SRRH in eastern Uganda, has been struggling to support services for a region with over 2.9 million people in a facility with outdated and mostly non-functioning medical equipment, including rundown beds and cribs.

As a result, some patients die while
waiting for diagnostic tests unavailable in thehospital; babies are known to be delivered and put on floor mats due to lack of bassinets; and trauma patients are sometimes sent away because of nonfunctioning imaging equipment.

Fundraising for the medical equipment container was spearheaded by the Opeitum family,residents of Houston, Texas with deep roots in the Teso-Sub Region in Uganda after falling victims of poor medical facilitation.

Tragically, Mr.Andrew Opeitum’s sister passed away due to a treatable medical ailment and after the funeral in Uganda, upon returning to USA, the Opeitums teamed up with ProjectCure to
deliver a 40Ft container worth approximately USD 350,000 of medical equipment to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital (SRRH) in honor of the deceased.

Their aim was so that people do not suffer or die prematurely due to lack of basic healthcare.

Since then AIDO Network has joined hands together with the AIDO family from all across the world,the Teso community, IWA family,Teso leadership, the Government of Uganda and the friends of Abiola and Andrew from the US and west Afrca to raise funds to facilitate shipment of this equipment.

Project CURE will propose a packaging list to SRRH, which the hospital will review and update the list of equipment based on their needs and commence shipment within 30 days.

AIDO would like to thank every one who has gone out of their way to support this cause.

Namale Agnes.
AIDO Secretariat.