Paramount Chiefs

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles
- HRH Papa Osikol II, Caribbean Region
Vice Chancellor, University of the West Indies and Chairman, CARICOM Reparations Commission
Chief Richard Currie
HRH Papa Odwe I, Sovereign State of Accompong, Jamaica
Paramount Chief of the Sovereign State of Accompong, Jamaica


Dr. Hilary Brown
HRH Queen Asianut Acom II
Programme Manager, Culture and Community Development, CARICOM Secretariat, Guyana
Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman
HRH Queen Bahati
United States of America
Queen Jenny
Ghamacana Ikatekit
Kimberlene Lanier
Queen Mother Uhuru Wingi, Texas USA
Her Majesty Queen Vickilextar
of Omanye Kingdom

Duke & Duchess

Lady Mary Beckles
HRH Toto Osikol, Jamaica
Communication specialist and Consultant
John Campbell
HRH Papa Ochom, Jamaica
Physiotherapist, Sports Development Specialist and Percussionist


Dr. Samson Esudu
Chief Esudu Lo’Eteku, Caribbean Region
AIDO Cultural Ambassador for the Caribbean and Sustainable Development Consultant
Eric Philips
Chief Siphosezulu (Mzilikazi Kingdom), Guyana
Chairman, Guyana Reparations Committee and one of three Vice-Chairpersons of the CARICOM Reparations Commission
Rollingston Samuels Robinson
Chief Bhekinzalo, Guyana
Agricultural Specialist and Mining Entrepreneur
Andrew Williams Jr
Chief Enoka, Guyana
Head of Protocol, Ministry of Home Affairs, Guyana
Dorbrene O’Marde
Chief Opolot, Antigua & Barbuda
Chairman, Antigua & Barbuda Reparations Support Commission and one of three Vice Chairpersons of the CARICOM Reparations Commission. Also, Author, Playwright/Director and Lyricist.
Professor Gershom Williams
Chief Ongaria, Arizona USA
Pan Africanist, Professor of Africology, Editor of the Journal of Pan African Studies
Bob Johnson
Chief Odeke, Georgia
Organizer of Juneteenth celebrations, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Dr. David Hinds
Chief Uhuru, Arizona, USA/Guyana
Political Analyst and Professor at Arizona State University
Justice Leroy Grey
Chief Orisa
Sovereign State of Accompong, Jamaic

Queen Mothers

Catherine Henrietta Penda
Queen Mother Toto Atiang, Guyana
Pan African-Human Rights Activist and Member of the Guyana Reparations Committee
Yvette Herod
Queen Mother Toto Akisa, Guyana
Community Activist and Founder of Toucan II Multipurpose club - Buxton
Karlina Prakask-Phillips
Amuron, Guyana - Chieftess
Youth Development Specialist
Esther Gittens
Queen Mother of Rastafari, Guyana
Secretary, Guyana Reparation Committee
Laleta Davis Mattis
Queen Mother Toto Atiang II, Jamaica
General Counsel and Lecturer, University of West Indies
Pernell Rowe
Queen Mother Toto Asio
Member of the Advisory Council of the Sovereign State of Accompong, Jamaica
Tamica Taylor
Queen Mother Toto Akim
Member of the Advisory Council of the Sovereign State of Accompong, Jamaica
Carla Astaphan
Queen Mother Akiai
Chairperson St. Kitts Nevis National Reparations Committee Member Caricom Reparations Commission


Princess Africa
Social Entrepreneur, Servant Leader, Scientist, Mining Consultant, Economic Geologist and African Fashionista.
Onika Frank
Princess Gimbiya, Guyana
Consultant with the CARICOM Reparations Commission, also Co-founder and Vice-President of Ikemba, a youth reparations advocacy non-governmental organization.
Christina Williams
Princess Teti, Jamaica
Youth leader and Law Student, University of the West Indies
Jenine Shepherd
Princess Akello, Jamaica
Founder and President, Youth for Excellence
Jada Campbell
Princess Acom II, Jamaica
Biomedical Engineering Student at the University of the West Indies and Co-founder/Owner of Wicked Dye, a tie-dye T-shirt business.
Nia Campbell
Princess Acom III, Jamaica
St. Andrew High School Student majoring in the Sciences and the Environment. Accomplished in drumming, dance, and piano.