About Us

AIDO Network International

AIDO Network International is a non-profit organisation headquartered in London with chapters and affiliated traditional leaders and kingdoms in several countries in Africa, that promotes peace and respect through culture as a means for unity and sustainable development. Our objective, among others, is to uphold the spirit of UBUNTU (Humanity or Human Rights) and thus promote social inclusion across all communities everywhere.

AIDO is an international NGO, established in 2018, as ‘Ateker International Development Organisation’. It has since widened its reach, with chapters in Germany, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Togo, Uganda, USA, and the UK. 

The network is strengthened by its membership made up of individuals, cultural institutions, community groups and organisations, all committed to using their expertise locally to contribute sustainable development and social change.

AIDO members, commonly referred to as ‘Aidoers’ work together through the organisation’s local, national and international structures.

Culture has been left behind as society deals with current affairs and issues. AIDO, through its work brings culture to the forefront of change.  AIDO through its work:

  1. Is a voice of the voiceless 
  2. Engages Cultural role models to promote unity and social change.
  3. Encourages stakeholders to embrace the vision of Corporate Social Responsibility in culture.
    • Fosters networking and sharing of good practices internationally
  1. It is not a luxury – It is a necessity which has the power to contribute to social and economic growth.
  2. Provides a ready canvas for us to identify areas for community development, preservation and innovation for future generations.
  3. Reinforces traditional values such as integrity, a good education, personal responsibility and strong ethics.
  4. Promote Cultural leaders as Ambassadors and role models to increase dialogue for community empowerment.
  • To promote cultural heritage
  • Develop and undertake capacity building activities to empower communities
  • Campaign and advocate for human rights
    Network and lobby for support and development partnerships
  • To advance informal education
  • Investment in Sustainable development programmes
  • To promote cultural heritage through preservation, documentation and intercultural exchange
  • To deliver impactful social and economic programmes in collaboration with education, health, inequality, peace, justice and strong institutions
  • To create direct and indirect employment through investment in programmes for the youth especially in Africa
  • To significantly increase AIDO membership internationally


It is with great pleasure that I invite you to read about us, AIDO and to discover a unique unfolding phenomenon within and about Africa, by African people ourselves both on the continent and in the diaspora. Inspired by Africa’s own illustrious hero and great grandson who left the world on August 28 1963, bequeathing to us the adage “I have a dream”, AIDO Network International since its inception in 2018, makes another leap into unchartered space after galvanising interest among dreamers on the continent to reach every African person wherever they are found on the earth’s surface

Culture serving as an enabler, vehicle and decisive instrument for true transformation of the mind-set constitutes a vessel to deliver change in people’s social and economic lives. We partner, befriend and study why Africa’s status quo is what it is. We jointly provide responses for all our readers or followers to consider these ideas on how, through a new “self-reliance” based approach and determination Africa will rise up to her original grandeur prior to external interference five centuries ago.

AIDO’s Africa continent-wide network of major cultural institutions i.e. kings, queens, traditional chiefs and elders provides an alternative to hitherto ill-adjusted foreign models of running societies. Revival of the Ubuntu philosophical basis in leadership – putting ethics/morals first is what drives the new strategy forward.

Partnership and cooperation now expands to embrace Africa’s distant descendants from the unfortunate victims of ancient foreign barbaric practices of slave trade, human trafficking and the inhuman institution of slavery. Discovery of shared biological, cultural and historical roots as well as current scientific, economic and social interests has led to a new appetite for mutual support and upliftment undertakings.