His Highness Paul Jones Eganda the Founder and global president of AIDO Network International received multiple accolades in recognition of his exemplary, impactful, and inspirational leadership, during the recently concluded AIDO 5th annual convention that took place 24 – 28 May in Mombasa, Kenya.

Sheila Jackson Lee, the Congress Woman US House of Representatives awarded AIDO Network Leader with a certificate of Congress in Recognition of his contribution and commitment to the diaspora community and facilitating the spiritual healing and the reconnection agenda between the historic descendants of charted slavery with their African roots.

The US. Leaders commended AIDOs vision of bringing together Africans in the diaspora and for providing a platform for the African cultural and traditional leaders to embrace the Historical Diaspora.

HH. Paul Eganda, on behalf of AIDO, received a certificate from the State of Texas in recognition of AIDOs’ work in promoting UBUNTU education (human rights), business, and investment opportunities in Africa.

The Life Touch Global Community service group, through the authority of council member Mike Knox, recognised the work of AIDO Network International.

The high-profile messages were delivered through Queen Kimberly Lanier, who represented the State of Texas.

AIDO network international is a not for profit, knowledge-based organization that uses culture to advance unity, development, and social progress.

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