Greetings Aidoers,

Amidst the pandemic we have had to adapt and find new more accessible ways to support people with our work. This is made possible with your backing and that of our development partners.

With February is upon us, the management of Aido has some exciting developments for the new month.

Training Opportunities

We will be offering free ICT training in Content Creation and Investor Readiness as well as a Refresher session on getting to know our Human Rights. To register use this Link below;

Highlighting importance of Culture

As a development from the Aido, ‘Africa is ready for business forum’ that took place in November 2020, we found it key to continue highlighting the different approaches to Cultural Heritage, in shorter series.

Aido has developed the ‘Roots of Africa’ programme, which will feature both culture and business aspects in Africa weekly. Join us to launch the Roots of Africa*on 12 February 2021.

*To register use this Link;


We are glad to announce we are recruiting for 4 Communications Officers, 2 Project Coordinators and 2 Fundraising Officers to support the respective Directorates in Aido Network International. The positions are voluntary positions based on working from home.

2021 Aido Convention, Ghana

Recent developments around the pandemic have meant that we again postpone, until later this year, a few Calendar items, originally meant to be held in person have been rescheduled as follows, pending scientific guidelines.

These include

a) Aido Network Germany launch, Germany to 24 August 2021

b) Royal Business Dinner, London, to September 2021

c) Trip to Latin America, Panana city 1st to 5th September 2021

d) The Aido International Convention, Ghana, to 28 – 31 October 2021

  • In additions to the ICT free Training to continue weekly, every Thursdays 4pm -6pm UK time/8.00PM SA, 7:00PM East Africa.
  • AiBC virtual regional business forums in partnership with ACCS and the 6th Region Global Chamber of Commerce will resume In March.
  • Roots of Africa Program will run for the next one year on Raia TV and Starr Radio/TV network/

With all this being said, we wish you all the best this February and thank you all for your support!

Pamela Lubowa
Secretary General
Aido Network International