Olio Primary School, The Forgotten Mother Of Many Of Uganda’s Giants.

The dilapidated ruins of a once glorious classroom block is what lately welcomes you as you make your way to Olio Primary school, located in Osuguro ward, Ajesa cell, Serere Town Council in Serere district, Eastern Uganda.

Olio Primary School is a government institution started in 1938.

However, the school has undergone transformation since the insurgency in 1989 to 1990. It was a camp and barracks for soldiers and because of that, a lot of vandalism took place on the infrastructure.

During its glorious years, the school educated many of Uganda’s influential leaders, businessmen entrepreneurs both in Uganda and in the Diaspora who now need to step in and support their school. Like many government institutions in the country, the school seems to have been left to the kind mercy of passerbyers and we appeal to OBs, OGS and all wishers to come and support their foundation.

” Right now we are facing a challenge of classrooms to accommodate over 800 pupils,” says Charles Amodai, the head teacher of Olio Primary school.

At the moment, the school has only 4 teachers’ houses meant to accommodate 16 teachers.

“The school needs rehabilitation in infrastructure especially classrooms and teachers houses among others” The headteacher adds.

For the time being, teachers are forced to hold classes in the tree shades outside the ruins of once a glorious academic institution.

To support this school please contact the Headmaster Mr.Amodoi Charles on:+256773326793

Namale Agnes.
AIDO Secretariat.

Email: info@aidonetwork.org
Web: www.aidonetwork.org

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