Ms. Henrietta Wamala Ssenabulya

Ms. Henrietta Wamala Ssenabulya* is an exceptional leader and  a motivational speaker.  She is works as  Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) with EEHealth.

She is also the Current President of the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) and the Vice President of AIDO USA.  Henrietta was inspired by  strong women in home country  in Uganda and here in the US to strive and make a difference through service to the community. 

She is passionate about serving her community and has served as Vice President to the Women Forums in her community in Illinois and today is the Women’s Lead in her Illinois Community, served twice as Executive Secretary for the Ugandan North America Association.

She championed for a Whole day and annual Trade and Investment Forums from the previous 2-hour forum in one seating in UNAA which has been one of UNAA’s successful programs for the past 11 years. As Vice Chairperson of AIDO USA, Henrietta will moderate AIDO’s 1st Investment Health forum and explore potential Investment opportunities in healthcare in Africa post corvid with a conversation of seasoned health experts.

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