Echoes of AIDO royal gala

The AIDO Royal Gala Dinner that took place on the 25th of November 2023 at Hilton hotel in London ended successfully with a special resolve to put an emphasis on cultural Unity for the growth and development of Africa and her diaspora.

The Royal Gala is an annual event , that brings together AIDOERS, the diaspora and African royalty to celebrate the organisations journey over the year and share the vision for the following year.

The long held tradition of AIDO cultural glamour coloured the evening with a wonderful array of stunning African fabrics and designs in respect of the diverse African cultures.

The event this year centred on a mental health awareness campaign especially in Sub-Saharan Africa where according to a joint report by UNICEF and the World Health Organization released on the 10th of October 2023, there is only a provision of one psychiatrist per a million people.

The event was well attended with a global representation from Africa, the Caribbeans, Europe and Asia.

This year held special significance by embracing AIDO’s global Africa agenda of Reconnection and uniting the African Diaspora with Mother Africa.

The event saw the Royal Royal recognition and Enstoolment to Chieftaincy of Dr Myrna Belgrave Acom (Queen Mother) from Barbados, Dr Michaelene Holder March , Sole founder of the Caribbean Global Awards (Queen Mother) from Trinidad , Bishop Cynthia Adu Boateng (Queen Mother) from Ghana and Chief Arthur Anthony March to the Pokomo Royal Kingdom by His Majesty Dr Makorani-O-Mungase the King of the Pokomo Royal Nation of Pokomo in the Tana River County, Kenya.

In his speech, the guest of honor His Majesty (HAYE) Dr. Makorani – A-Mungase VII, who is also a medical surgeon and a lecturer at PWANI University congratulated the guests for their generous support towards supporting AIDO’s mental health awareness campaign and pledged to provide four plots of land in Mombasa where a mental health facility would be established to cater for the mental health needs of the African people.

“We will have to build a places to facilitate mental health issues in Africa, so that any one who needs help is not turned away even if they are turned away from any other place” he emphasized.

The president AIDO Network International, His Highness Papa Paul Eganda I, unveiled a state of art master project “AIDO ROYAL RESORT AND CULTURAL CENTRE which will facilitate the Reconnection Agenda.

The event was embraced by UK Government leaders, UN and the Commonwealth representatives, Diplomats and Celebrities across the AIDO Royal community. The next royal dinner will be held London Hilton Croydon on the 30th of November 2024.

The management of AIDO Network International deeply appreciates the genorous donors who pledged their support towards this cause and everyone who heard the call and turned up.

Agnes Namale

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