Celebrating Emancipation with African Royalty – Guyana

I enjoyed my Emancipation celebration immensely this year. I usually go to the National Park, but I did a bit more this year, including interacting with the African Royal delegation who came to Guyana to celebrate Emancipation with us.

It was an honour to witness the coronation of my friend Eric Phillips as the Chief under Her Royal Majesty, Queen Cynthia Khamulo- Mzilikazi III at the Royal Dinner at Ramada Princess Hotel. His new name is Siphosezulu, meaning “gift from heaven”. The new Chief was also instrumental in making this visit a reality. I am so proud of Dr Hilary Brown, who is now Queen Asianut Acom II  – Asianut means “Spirit of Kindness” and Acom means “Gentle Wisdom”. She was always a queen but now has the official title.

From the Presidents Office in Guyana
Aido 4th Annual Convention and Royal Summit, in Atlanta Georgia