Tanariver county continues to suffer from the effects of the raging floods in the region as a result of the El Nino rains in Kenya. For the first time in history of floods in the region, the situation is nothing like what has been seen before as more villages are submerged in water including those found on higher grounds.

River tana, that the region is named after broke it’s banks causing the crisis that left thousands of people with no place to call home. Apart from the Tana River, the county has ten smaller rivers that worsen the situation whenever they also break their banks. This is made possible by the fact that Tana river lies in the lowlands hence whenever it rains in the Mt Kenya regions all the water pours into the Tana.

Children, women, and the elderly continue to be at great risk of diseases given the poor living conditions they now found themselves exposed to at the camps where they have set up temporary living structures.

Lack of medicine, toilets, food, and security are some of the challenges the community of Tanariver county now find themselves dealing with not to mention the loss of livelihoods from their crops and livestock that were washed away. Movement has also been paralyzed in the area with people being forced to use boats that they must pay extra for to move through the flooded areas into higher grounds. The number of the affected people is currently 11,000 and continues to rise including loss of lives.

The Kenya Redcross has been instrumental in conducting rescues in the region and is appealing to partners for more help to contain the situation. Shelter, medicine and toilets are some of their priorities to help reduce the risk of waterborne diseases in the area. The government has also been offering relief food while urging the community to take care of themselves especially the children as they risk drowning, crocodile attacks among other things.

Dr. Makorani-a-Mungase VII, King of the Royal Nation of Pokomo Communities, which is one of the three major communities in Tanariver is appealing to the AIDO International community and any well wishers for support to his people as they seek to rebuild what was once home.

Support can be channeled through the AIDO network in the link below https://aidonetwork.org/donate/ while further enquiries can be forwarded to the email info@aidonetwork.org

Bessie Sarowiwa
Communication Assistant, AIDO

Effects of floods in Tanariver
Effects of floods in Tanariver