Aidos Chairman’s Monthly Updates

AIDO continues to make progress. I thank each of you for your contribution and continued visionary leadership. Below are the highlights of this month: 

1. *COVIDEX* was eventually approved by the regulators. Demand for this Covid Herbal remedy has exceeded supply. We are overwhelmed with inquiries about supply and distribution. Note: Aido is not involved in the distribution of *COVIDEX*, Aido will remain the Voice of the Voiceless. 

I thank all the teams involved in the promotions, negotiations with different stakeholders, especially the Aido Investment and Business Committee (AiBC), Counsel Richard Omongole, Eng. Anke Weisheit with all the Pharmbiotrac Team (MUST) . We appreciate you all.  The challenges about Intellectual Property Rights and ownership dispute is being handled professionally, no cause for alarm, there is enough to share around. We congratulate Prof. Patrick Ogwang Engeu for his scientific achievement. 
We have other excellent Products in the pipeline, we welcome more Aidoers to invest in the Research and Development of Herbal remedies.

2.  The *Roots of Africa* program will continue both on RAIA TV and STARR Radio UK exploring our diverse African cultures and Heritage. Today, we were honoured to hear from Dr. Melida Harris Barrow Barrow, presenting about the Journey to Panama, with expected outcomes.

3: *AIDO convention* will take place from the 27th -31st Oct 2021 in Accra, Ghana, and the Journey to Panama is from the 18th -25th May 2022.  The website is being updated to reflect all the new changes. All those who wish to travel to Panama are encouraged to attend the Ghana events.  The African indigenous Rulers (Kings, Chiefs, Queens, etc) will be expected to launch the Journey to Panama from Ghana Cape Coast by visiting the “Doors of No Return” Dungeons in Ghana, where slaves were kept and the spot  ships used as the take off point to Latin America.

4: *AIDO* in partnership with SAPSN and ACTION Support, will host a round table conference on Tuesday 7th from 10:00 am BST UK/11:00 AM South Africa Time. The purpose of this gathering is to explore solutions to a humanitarian developing situation in the *Kingdom of Eswatini* with a call for cessation of any violence. The principles of democracy and human rights would be our guiding principles. The role of AIDO is a facilitator/moderator. 

5: *Overview* of AIDOs response to the proposed PEPUDA bill in South Africa
was to highlight the basic violations of human rights that this bill would create were it to be adopted. It is based around the balance of two fundamental human rights – the right to freedom of religion or belief and the right to freedom of expression. It pointed out that people have a wide range of thoughts, beliefs, and opinions about many things and this is their absolute right. However, when expressing that right there are limitations which are bounded by the intent to cause hatred or violence against another. This is the limitation of the right of freedom of expression.

It dovetails with the right to freedom of religion or belief. Whatever you believe to be God’s rules (or the principles of any religion you believe in) with regards to any aspect of life are inviolable. However, once again, at the point of expression or implementation of those principles, if these generate incitement to hatred or violence then there is a limit. So, as an example, you may believe that homosexuality is a violation of God’s natural law and have every right to believe and say that. But the minute you start to incite violence against homosexuals then you are violating them.

This would also apply to the structure of a religion. If a religion believes that they should only have male priests then they have the right to have that structure and should not be forced by law to have female priests. 
So, in short, it is a fine balance between these two rights and there is a clear line where the exertion of a right becomes too great a restriction on another right. 

The proposal pointed out these distinctions and showed supporting text from United Nations determinations.What the PEPUDA bill proposes would be to establish law that was in violation of the above and both criminalise and force religious people and institutions by adopting (very bad) definitions of equality and discrimination that would over-ride the right to freely believe and practice one’s religion.

HH. Paul Jones Eganda
Aido Network.02/07/2021

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