As AIDO soldiers through the unprecedented challenges imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic throughout the world, it is with pleasure and pride that with the world rounding up the first quarter of the 2021 we break news of two significant special events. First, Aido Network International pursuant to its objective of promoting culture and heritage as a vehicle to broader human advancement, including that of economic development, successfully established relations based on shared historical roots together with a high potential of current beneficial exchanges in business, trade, tourism, scientific research and others between Africa and Africans of the diaspora. 

With the above background, in February 2021, Aido Network International concluded negotiations with the 6th Regional Global Chamber of Commerce (6RGCC), an organisation consisting of ardent Africans in the Americas who are eager to see the relations thus created between their mother continent Africa and their countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and North America revamped. The MoU stretches over a period of three years and will witness several unprecedented historical, cultural and commercial events. One most historically original and symbolic of all is the “Journey of Atonement” which will involve kings, queens and great chiefs from the different parts of Africa going to meet Africa’s children who live as “people of African descent” in those parts of the world. The elders from Africa will go to show affection, share in the pain which these children of Africa have suffered over the past five hundred years in alien lands where to this day they are still stigmatized and often not considered to be equal men and women to others.  The event, scheduled for May, 2022 has got several of AIDO’s divisions working round the clock in order to meet the set deadline.

The second unprecedented event happened on March 17th 2021. His Royal Majesty King Bhungane III, of the Embo Kingdom, South Africa, invited His Highness Paul Jones Eganda, President of Aido Network International with all the senior office holders in AIDO to a virtual conference organised by the King’s palace. During the conference, where AIDO’s President also invited the Founding Chairman of the 6th RGCC, Dr. Melida Harris Barrow with her selected team members to attend. HRM King Bhungane III praised the vision and mission of Aido Network International and underlined the importance for Africa to be united as one people with a single common origin. His Royal Majesty welcomed the presence and manifest love for Africa Dr. Barrow showed and expressed. HRM King Bhungane III emphasized to his audience that Embo Kingdom recognises all African Kingdoms, and that it was for this reason that he initiated the United African Kingdoms platform which aims at working together with all other African Kings. His Royal Majesty King Bhungane III concluded by bestowing the title of Global Chieftaincy of Embo Kingdom on His Highness Paul Jones Eganda in appreciation of AIDO’s work both on the continent of Africa and the rest of the world.  

Accepting the honour bestowed upon him, HH. Paul Eganda thanked HRM King Bhungane III for conferring upon him the high title and declared that the honour bestowed on him equally went to AIDO as an entire organisation.  HH Paul Eganda then expressed appreciation to the Aido leadership and network, for the ongoing good work. President Eganda also thanked the 6RGCC delegation under Dr Barrow able leadership for their united vision of promoting peace, unity and prosperity across Africa and the Americas, pledging AIDO was going to deploy every effort to bring together Kings and Queens across the continent to make the journey to the Americas. He also appealed to the Embo spiritual leader, King Bhungane III to lead this journey of unification.

The 6th Region Global Chamber of commerce Chairman, who had earlier passionately spoken about the need for reunification between Africa and her missing children in the Diaspora had appealed to all the African Kings and Queens present to support the planned journey of reunification scheduled to take place in May 2022, in the Republic of Panama.

Accompanying HH Paul Jones Eganda were AIDO’s Kings, Queens, chiefs and notably Her Highness Grace Eganda, Ms Ulrike Pohlman the Chair Aido Advisory Council, HRH Papa Sande Emolot of Teso, Queen Asomoah Sakyi I of Ghana, Amb. Dr Agnes Ikatekit-SADC, Amb.Filda Lolem of Germany, Chief Micheal Okwalinga, Chief Solomon Emong, HE. Margaret Aceger, Amb. Ireneo Namboka also in attendance was HRM King Affram III of Suma.

By Amb. Ireneo Namboka

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