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AIDO Network Int. – The way to Panama 22 Historical Journey

AIDO Network International, three years since its inception in 2018 undertakes an audacious historical move to link ancient Africa’s untold incredible accomplishments with today’s African peoples’ efforts to regain lost grandeur. Using Culture as the vehicle, counting on the proud living Kings and Queens on the continent, partnering with committed individuals, NGOs, Governments, development agencies and good will donors, Aido in pursuit of the open door approach embracing every interested entity, discovered the 6th Regional Global Chamber of Commerce from South America, the Caribbean and North America with the greatest concentration of Africa’s children in the diaspora. AIDO and 6th RGCC identified similarities in their objectives, historical common origins and shared future development dreams to work on and realise in unison.

Negotiations on how to translate the above into reality resulted in AIDO and 6th RGCC signing an MoU in February 2021 to constitute the basis for cooperation in cultural, development, trade and investment as well as touristic domains. AIDO has entrusted its Culture and Heritage division to lead in this and will develop the “Roots of Africa” programme as the flagship of this across the Atlantic Ocean journey to the Americas. Launched on February 12th 2021 via a virtual conference with over 100 participants, Roots of Africa programme is a major part of the huge preparatory set of activities to culminate in the Historical Panama Event scheduled for September 2022.

Roots of Africa will stimulate and encourage initiatives among Africans on the continent to rediscover traditional values, practices and intelligence as well as technology and build on them as a new spring – board from which to leap high and far into the future. Media such as television, videos etc… are going to be optimally exploited in this exercise. Material is going to be produced and screened for quality with a view to have adequate quantity for the Panama 2022 event.

AIDO’s other departments are equally deploying every effort in preparing for their own participation in the Panama 2022 event. It is a fact that Africa up till now is a huge market place for industrialists as well as entrepreneurs from America, Western Europe and lately China. The 6th Regional Global CC challenge Africa to assert herself by discovering new partnerships with countries in the world from where costs or terms of trade in comparable goods might be better. Besides, large numbers of the business partners in the new geographical areas came from Africa. AIDO urges African entrepreneurs, investors and financial services institutions and banks to rise to the occasion and take Africa’s expertise where it is sought after as credible and especially welcome. This has not been the case for Africa with the other partners.

The above cultural and business overarching objectives behind the AIDO and 6th Regional Global CC imply intense activity for both partners at various levels and in different fields. On the part of AIDO, the effort is to rest with the organisation’s leadership and key partners to engineer action plans of action in the fields chosen. Traditional leaders – Kings, Queens, Great Chiefs, and supportive opinion leaders will assume great importance for successful preparations to take place. Business and investment partners as well as Bankers and financial services institutions will receive specific recommendations and appeals for appropriate action. The 12-month “Roots of Africa” transmission of activities will be simultaneously run with those of the other directorates as stated.


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