Acknowledgement From Chairperson AIDO

The first time I met AIDO members in Germany creating Culture events and the AIDO convention 2019.

From start to end of this events I was involved and met a lot of friendly and very competent AIDO members; my admiration for African culture waked up. They took me into their family and from that moment on I supported AIDO with advice, help and sponsorship.

I see that we can make a difference in our society as a team with an expanding AIDO Network – we can realize the dream of unity, of UBUNTU in the world.

It was always my personal motto: The person who knows what is right and what is wrong should act and help to create a better world without war, without discrimination and injustice where people can live and create free.

We as AIDO Members know that unification and understanding with our brothers and sisters, does not matter, what skin-colour, religion, education-level, sex or race somebody has is the only way to have peace and freedom on planet earth.

Culture plays a very important role in this game.

Culture is the carrier wave on which communication and reality and affinity runs between humans.

And we need much more communication, reality and affinity to get more understanding between different religions, tribes, countries, generations, gender, young and old ect.

AIDO concentrates exactly on this purpose and this is also my purpose.

And I quote the great Duchees La Wanda Asuquo, President of STL Black Woman

“One Love, One Africa, and One Family!”

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