Our Vision

To provide a platform for dialogue, unity and development

Our Mission

To build a network with a common goal of promoting and using culture for unity and social inclusion.

24th - 28 Aug 2022, Atlanta Georgia
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It is with great pleasure that I invite you to read about us, AIDO and to discover a unique unfolding phenomenon within and about Africa, by African people ourselves both on the continent and in the diaspora. Inspired by Africa’s own illustrious hero and great grandson who left the world on August 28 1963, bequeathing to us the adage “I have a dream”, AIDO Network International since its inception in 2018, makes another leap into unchartered space after galvanising interest among dreamers on the continent to reach every African person wherever they are found on the earth’s surface.

Paul Jones Eganda, Founding President, AIDO

The first time I met AIDO members in Germany creating Culture events and the AIDO convention 2019.

From start to end of this events I was involved and met a lot of friendly and very competent AIDO members; my admiration for African culture waked up.

They took me into their family and from that moment on I supported AIDO with advice, help and sponsorship.

Princess Ulrike Acom

Who we are and What We Do?

About us

Aido Network International (AIDO) brings together different stakeholders within the cultural, community, educational, faith, and sporting sectors, to challenge Human Rights abuses and use culture to promote unity, development and social change
AIDO is an international NGO, established in 2018, as ‘Ateker International Development Organisation’. It has since widened its reach, with chapters in Germany, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Togo, Uganda, USA, and the UK. 

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Sponsors: Prince Udoh Pohlmann and Princess Ulrike Acom

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