Human Rights : UBUNTU

To make a significant improvement in human rights awareness and implementation in the different African countries.

To empower people through human rights education and appropriate effective campaigns in order to bring about positive change in living and working conditions across the various sectors and communities.

We have a core Team of Human rights educators in each country to lead in the implementation of our campaigns and to address country-specific issues.
Our human rights representatives work with community groups , educational institutions, cultural, religious and political leaders in the spirit of UBUNTU ; I am because you are.
We educate the people about the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights-UDHR , with a focus on addressing specific issues of most concern in each specific country.

In summary
The role of AIDO Human Rights Committee is to train, guide and support on the ground implementation of human rights activity by AIDO members living in the country.

Eng Teddy Curran
Head of Human Rights – UBUNTU