About Aido

ABOUT AIDO NETWORK Ateker International Development Organisation (AIDO) is a Not for Profit Organisation founded in 2018, in London (UK). It is a membership driven organisation united in purpose to use culture as a tool to bring about social and economic development by working together through our local, national, regional and international structures, which is the base of our network.

AIDO works in collaboration with Cultural Institutions to effect change in local communities by creating opportunities that provide sustainable development. As part of its mandate articulated in the organisation’s mission, AIDO does not engage in religious and political matters, at both national and international level.


The mission for AIDO is ‘to build a network of individuals, community groups and organisations, with a common goal of promoting cultural heritage, and advocating for unity and social change’.


To provide a platform for dialogue, unity and development.


For the first time the global development agenda, included references to culture in the sustainable development goals recognising that it is through developing and implementing culturally appropriate solutions to the world’s most pressing problems that the world will realise sustainable development.

Aido’s purpose is to harness and use culture for unity, progress and social change under the following objectives:

  • Deliver programs that promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the communities in which we work;
  • Build the capacity of cultural leaders and institutions to deliver programs that empower their communities
  • Reduce inequalities by campaigning and advocating for inclusion and access to social services
  • Create development and business partnerships that strengthen international cooperation
  • Empower our network with knowledge and information
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