About Aido

Ateker International Development Organisation (Aido)

Culture has been established as a key component of any society today. It explains who we were Yesterday, who we are Today and who we will be in the Future.


The Mission of Ateker International Development Organisation (Aido) is to build network of individuals, community groups and organisations, with a common goal of promoting cultural heritage, and advocating for unity and social change.


  • To provide a platform for Dialogue, Unity, and Development.

Key Objectives 

  • Promote Cultural Heritage 
  • To develop and undertake activities to build capacity, to harmonise, and to empower marginalised communities.
  •  To campaign and Advocacy of human rights.
  •  To Network and Lobby for support and cooperation of Individuals, institutions and States.

How Aido Impacts Change

Aido believes Cultural heritage brings communities together, therefore Culture plays arole in bringing Unity. It’s a powerful tool to bring  about social change and a vehicle for sustainable Development.

Aido derives it’s strength from working in partnership with a network of professionals, religious, community, educational and cultural institutions.

We work with local supporters, partners, donors and NGOs to transform communities by empowering them to be self sustainable.

We encourage local communities to collaboratively work together by identifying and resolving issues, and sharing best practise, in order to influence change.

Aido has a global representation with Goodwill Ambassadors and partners in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Africa, Germany , UK and America.

Aido supports activities, that encourage inclusion such as sports, cultural awareness events, wellbeing initiatives such as Clean drinking water initiatives, heath and good life choices.

Ateker in the Diaspora

According to the Nobel Prize winner, Gao Xingjian, ‘Culture is not a luxury, it is a necessity.’

With the recent increase in the number of refugees and asylum seekers around the world, many people are challenged with learning new cultures as well as preserving their own cultures.

Culture should be accessible to all in order to promote a sense of community.
Aido aims to provide a safe environment to allow people from different cultures to get together, not only to participate in cultural activities but also help them establish a sense of identity and improve their quality of life.

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