About us

Aido Network International (AIDO)

AIDO brings together different stakeholders within the cultural, community, educational, faith, and sporting sectors, to challenge Human Rights abuses and use culture to promote unity, development and social change

The Network

AIDO is an international NGO, established in 2018, as ‘Ateker International Development Organisation’. It has since widened its reach, with chapters in Germany, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Togo, Uganda, USA, and the UK

AIDO members, commonly referred to as ‘Aidoers’ work together through the organisation’s local, national and international structures.

Need for AIDO

Culture has been left behind as society deals with current affairs and issues. AIDO, through its work brings culture to the forefront of change.  AIDO through its work:

Is a voice of the voiceless
Engages Cultural role models to promote unity and social change.
Encourages stakeholders to embrace the vision of Corporate Social Responsibility in culture.
Fosters networking and sharing of good practices internationally

Role of Culture

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