Toto Ambulance

Ateker International Development Organisation (Aido), is a non-Profit making Organisation based in the United Kingdom, with Chapters in Africa and Germany.

Aido provides a Network that Promotes Arts, Culture and Heritage to bring about Social – economic change.
Aido works to develop and undertake activities to build capacity, to harmonise, and to empower marginalised communities both in the UK and in Africa and wherever our network exists.

Health and wellbeing are at the core of our aims and objectives. Aido is working towards addressing one of the major concerns in this health sector, which is the high rate of maternal mortality in rural Africa.

Lack of access to the very sparsely distributed health facilities has been linked to high mortality rates. We are appealing for the “Toto Ambulance” intervention in support of this cause.

Aido is fundraising for Ten units (10) Toto Ambulances. Each Toto Ambulance is costed at £4500 (Four thousand five hundred pounds for a closed roof design (See pictures shown below).
One Toto Ambulances is capable of servicing a community of approximately 500 people, within a 40kms radius.


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