Panama will host the event “Journeys of Atonement and Reconciliation”, with the participation of kings and tribal chiefs from Africa

From May 18 to 25, 2022, Panama will become the scene of a historic and momentous event for the world, that will bring together the kings, queens and tribal chiefs, in the summit event of the “Journey of atonement and reconciliation of mother Africa and meeting with her diaspora”, which was launched this October 28 in Ghana-Africa, within the framework of Aido Network International.

During the development of this important event in Panama City, a special ceremony, with the participation of the Afro community of Latin America, the Caribbean and North America, where the kings, queens and tribal chiefs of the African continent “They will apologize” for the deeds committed by their ancestors, by allowing the commercialization of their people as slaves, explained Dr. Melida Harris-Barrow, a Panamanian resident in the United States, with extensive economic and social ties with Africa, who, in addition, promoted this initiative. “Three years ago God entrusted me with this mission, in order to achieve the unity of Africa and its diaspora.”

The launch in Ghana of this journey of atonement and reconciliationAccording to Dr. Harris-Barrow, it was carried out by the kings, queens and tribal chiefs from this point of Africa, because it is one of the places where large groups of Africans were taken out, to be transferred to the Americas and the Caribbean, where they were exploited as slaves, 500 years ago when the first ship left the western coast of the continent stripping them of their freedom.

“Panama will make history because the event will have world exposure and will become the first country in the world to carry out an event of this magnitude, that will bring together the kings, queens and tribal chiefs of Africa, to apologize to all the Afro-descendants scattered throughout the world. The idea is to strengthen the historical and natural ties of the continent with its diaspora during that meeting in Panama ”, highlighted Dr. Harris-Barrow

The Minister of Tourism of Panama (ATP), Iván Eslkildsen, together with Dr. Harris-Barrow, represented the Panamanian government in this launch in Ghana. “We are honored as a country to host such a solemn and historically significant event, which will also help reinforce our cultural roots. More than 1,000 people of African descent are expected to visit America ”.

Krishna Camarena Surgeon, president of the Panamanian Secretariat for the Development of Afro-Panamanians (SENADAP), pointed out that the launch in Ghana opens the way for the meeting of the African diaspora and the African continent during the visit of the kings, queens and tribal chiefs next year. The participation of the Minister of Tourism of Panama and Dr. Harris-Barrow, in this act, is undoubtedly the bridge that links the summit event that will take place in May 2022 in our country ”.

Paul Jones Eganda, Global Head of the Embo Kingdom in Africa and founding president of Aido International, said the kings and queens of Africa would like to make a pilgrimage to Panama for a special healing trip. “We have called this the journey of atonement and reconciliation between the elders of Africa and the children of Africa in Panama and neighboring countries; adFurthermore, we hold that the purpose is noble, full of humanity, peace and respect towards and from our people on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean ”.

He added that the Panamanian isthmus was considered for this event due to its geographical position and meeting point between nations of Latin America, the Caribbean and North America. “Countries in these destinations have many similarities between us as tropical people and with possible areas of commercial exchanges and businesses ”, he highlighted.

Dozens of grandchildren from Africa are scattered throughout the Americas. The United Nations (UN) estimates that the number exceeded 200 million in 2020. They organized and formed the Global Chamber of Commerce of the Sixth Region, made up of Africans who do not reside on the African continent, including former slaves.

Aido and the Sixth Region Global Chamber of Commerce signed a memorandum of understanding on February 12 and after that, Aido instructed the Culture and Heritage Division the development of the “Roots of Africa” ​​program, as the flagship of the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. This program is an important part of the preparatory activities, which will culminate in the crucial historical event to be held in the month of May in Panama City.

This important activity within the framework of International Decade for People of African Descents, will be sponsored by the ATP, the Ministry of Culture (MiCultura), the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES), the Mayor’s Office of Panama and the National Secretariat for the Development of Afro-Panamanians (SENADAP).

Reyes, reinas y jefes tribales de África participarán en la cumbre “Viajes de expiación y reconciliación”, en Panamá

Redacción Metro Libre |Sáb, 30/10/2021 – 12:02

La realeza africana se trasladará a Panamá en mayo de 2022 para participar en el evento cumbre del “Viaje de expiación y reconciliación de la madre África y reunión con su diáspora”, el cual se lanzó este 28 de octubre en Ghana-África, en el marco de Aido Network International y que será el escenario de un acontecimiento histórico y trascendental para el mundo, que reunirá a reyes, reinas y jefes tribales de ese país.

La Autoridad de Turismo de Panamá informó en un comunicado que durante el desarrollo de este importante evento en la ciudad de Panamá, que será  del 18 al 25 de mayo de 2022,  se realizará  una ceremonia especial, con la participación de la comunidad afro de América Latina, el Caribe y América del Norte, donde  los reyes, reinas y jefes tribales del continente africano “pedirán perdón” por los hechos cometidos por sus ancestros, al permitir la comercialización de su gente como esclavos, explicó la Dra. Melida  Harris-Barrow, panameña residente en Estados Unidos, con extensos lazos económicos y sociales con África, quien, además, impulsó está iniciativa. “Hace tres años Dios me encomendó está misión, a fin de lograr la unidad  de África y su diáspora”.

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Panama will host the event “Journeys of Atonement and Reconciliation”