Dr. Melida Harris Barrow is on a mission to Bridge Africa and Caribbean which hopes to create a landmark history in the global discussions of returns to root and atonement the way it has never been done before.

Her assignment is a call to reality, it is divine and spiritual in nature but the ultimate aim is to help atone for the past misdeeds by Africans against their folks – Africans that fell into that trap of a journey of no return centuries back.

“The mission is to bridge Africa, the Americas and Caribbean with the journey of Atonement of mother Africa and her Diaspora”, Dr. Barrow said.

This has been a part of her message whenever she is called upon to deliver message, one, a call to the root and a call to reality.

Recently, she was one of the guest speakers at the just concluded Africa Celebrates 2021, at a conference tagged “Africa talk Business and Investment” at Skylight Hotel, in Addis ababa.

she chided the colonialists for perpetrating schemes that would make Africa lose and forget their identity.

Her mission covers education, whereby she hopes to educate younger Africans to have their own thinking faculty well positioned so not to be brainwashed in any ways possible.

“Our mindset has to change to begin to embrace our brothers and sisters” said Dr. Barrow

She frowned at the hatred created by the colonialists among Africans where different countries in Africa, many authorities closed their doors to their fellow African Brothers, what an abysmal!.

She appeals to the younger generation to be positive in their thinking and prophesise positives into their lifes by sharing her story when in the state of helplessness with health matter, she persistly thought positivity about her life and it came to reality.

In May 2022 she is linking the two divides together with her journey of atonement which covers many aspects.

The event will take place in Latin, the USA, innhthe Caribbean and back to Africa within 2022 2023 2024 respectively.

It will be a gathering that involves so much activities hope to create about trade and investment opportunities between the two divides navigating through culture, arts, tourism and the related.

This journey will be launched in Ghana, at Elmina castle, Cape Coast on rage 29th October 2021, by Aido Network International under the leadership of H. H Paul Eganda and H. H Grace Eganda,they are poised to change the narratives by taking the royals to Panama for the Journey of Atonement.

ByOlatutu Balogun

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Dr. Melida Barrow on a Mission to Bridge Africa, Americas and the Caribbean with the Journey of Atonement