Ateker Heritage Day 2018

Ateker Heritage Day, November, Kumi, Uganda

Ateker heritage day this years was held on the 12th of November in Kumi District of Uganda. The event was organised by the Iteso Cultural Union (ICU), with His Highness Emorimor Papa Iteso, Augustine Osuban Lemukol Kadugala, as Chief Host. His Excellency the President of Uganda, President Museveni attended this event which was attended by over 10,000 people.

The Cultural exhibition festival brought together Ateker people of Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia, from home and in the Diaspora, cultural representatives from other Kingdoms, local and central government, and Ateker stakeholder organisations, to foster unity, stability and appreciate the Ateker cultural values.

The event focused on showcasing farming practices, economic development, language, music, dances, foods, drinks, dress code, security and hunting tools.

Ateker International Development Organisation (AIDO) message to use heritage Heritage to achieve Peace Unity and ,Development among the Ateker clusters was delivered by  Papa Sande Emolot, the Prime Minister of Teso.

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