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Date: 28 March 2020

Place: The Official Whatsapp group of Aido Global Network

Participants: participants to the discussion are AIDO members and they are debating in their personal capacities.

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The first pivot in a productive progress is unity where believing and trusting in our own that we can make it. Where we have influence of what we claim to be yet we are not brings turmoil’s in our struggles. There are terminologies that have been defined for us that we now find ourselves wrecked in which we claim to know yet we don’t know that we don’t know and we shall not know because we don’t know. development, democracy, human rights etc.

All those terminologies are defined for us but we have them in our own definitions which we neglected. That’s what is causing us a lot because we don’t know since we are just being told to understand the way they defined it. In other words, integration of technology into our traditional practices would have made development, democracy, human rights so reasonable to our understanding.

We were developed before they defined it for us, we had democracy before it was defined for us and human rights was the order of the day before they come to tell us what to do and what not to do.

In other words, Africa has to redefine terminologies to suit what we are. If we retreat back and engage our elders and traditional leaders in defining what we were and the so-called educated generation would now fit in technology in the traditional practices. That will take us forward in a more sustainable result-oriented progress. Otherwise, the gap between traditional generation and technological generation has drown us in absolute darkness of trusting and following whom we don’t know where they are going. That’s why our dependency syndrome is high due to uncertainty of our destination.

This makes us to believe in a different conspiracy that Africans cannot manage to heal medically in their traditional practices.
So where do we draw lines between tradition and modernity!
Maybe, Igwee Richard is right that we should become super copy specialist and beat the Chinese. But one thing Chinese have maintained is their traditions, Culture and herbal remedies like the Chinese Green Tea. We also have English Tea, How about African Tea!

Conspiracies are part of other individual thoughts and believes which are part of their research work. It’s the same as convincing others to believe what your theory entails. By sharing such, it widens one’s understanding in different perspectives. BBC, CNN, etc is what we have put trust that whatever they say is correct. which goes back to colonial brainwashing. Therefore. what local Africans invent in what we see and touch is never theoretical. They tell us that any African traditional healer is called a ‘witchdoctor’ and any traditional healing is called witchcraft. Today few people in African setting are willing to visit these guys simply because we were brainwashed.

Concepts such as democracy, human rights or even development are universal concepts. There’s nothing like African definition of human rights. Human rights concept is understood in its human nature and probably Devine perspective. I have a right to live because am a human being not African or European, I have right to eat, to sleep, to cloth, to get treatment not because am an African or whatever race but because am human.

Democracy and other freedoms like religion, free speech can have different modus of practice but remain freedoms desired by man black, white, pink, brown, green or yellow the attempt to Africanise some of these concepts is a long-lost battle. For information purposes, I studied Master of Arts in philosophy, with a research paper on human rights as a comparative analysis. In my course units, there

was the African philosophy where arguments on African Development concepts, African religion and African democracy are extensively studied. On development most African philosophers agree that it’s a concept that in the traditional African society before civilization cannot be traced because the African thought processes are embedded only in the past and the present- African societies rarely acted with the future in mind. When you read a lot of African traditions or history, the future was not given much attention and that’s why life was about gathering and hunting rarely planting, building or developing.

You should look for John Odonhue’s books on African societies. He extensively as a philosopher, studied many African people and their traditions. Even the concept of God-religion as belief in one supernatural being was alien to African societies. We believed in many supernatural. When it came to the concept of human rights as many philosophers tried to find it within the African concept, the could see practices that respected life, food, family, attempts at clothing and so forth largely because of humane or humaneness in all of us as human beings.

When it came to democracy, the closer concept to it is that children and women were never part of decision making and when there was disagreement, the men voted by their feet (walking away). These universal concepts therefore developed with civilization just like medicine which we agree that Africans had their concept but whenever faced with something they could not understand like an epidemic they reacted by migrating. With development of modern medicine man world over stopped attributing every health problem to some super natural issues.

I recall the presentation of Dr ogwang in Germany. Africans have knowledge of medicine but they still handle it in the African way, mixing and inter- mixing herbs and bringing in slaughtering of chicken, white-cock, a green goat to treat malaria yet, the herbs if well processed and transformed into modern medicine like artivol would put Africans in the same level like China that had simply packaged (mark you in modern way) the Chinese medicine, the Chinese green tea etc to get where it’s today. What they did not have, they copied and made it cheaper. When it came to democracy and human rights, they respect those words as and when it’s convenient.

They have never developed the Chinese democracy, the Chinese way of development, the changes human rights. They only thing the practice in large doses is the Chinese way of life (culture) like Indians, like Arabs and even Africans, we have lived our diverse cultures, dressing, eating, family, witchcraft etc but when it comes to universal concepts: education, health, work, human rights, development, religion, communication and transport let’s go with the world. We cannot re- create the African transport because hyenas are few for us to ride and fly around.

I would have agreed with you if you had come back home and studied your PHD in African language in an African village, re defining the terminologies in African languages using the African technology- witchcraft!

Never true. When we study linguistics, we find that there are very many proverbs said in Africa by our elders, we read almost similar proverbs in other languages such as English, Arabic, Swahili etc yet there hadn’t been earlier contact between those communities. So I don’t agree with u referring to my quote as plagiarism.

In South Africa we have the “Ubuntu” concept which is the embodiment for human rights. We have a saying that goes “umuntu ungumuntu ngabantu” which is a Zulu proverb meaning we are human in how we treat each other or what defines us as humans is how we treat each other. Which should be done with respect, dignity and integrity. In our communities it is known that a child is raised by the whole village and not only their birth parents. Now it has been defined by western culture and we act as if it’s new.

Samson say we must define technology and terminology in African way. Only known modern African transport was Riding hyenas at night.
The concept of human rights has been in our African way of life for centuries way before colonization. I agree with Samson when he says that they contextualized it and defined it in a way that will make us believe they are the original barriers.

They wrote down their version of our way of life with their small “improvements” and then brought it to us as something new that we should start practicing. Making it look like we were living in a barbaric world and that they were there to bring peace.

I would even go further to say they did not invent much, they changed our minds, which is the most important thing.

Our way of healing through trees and plants were taken from us and brought back as a pill in a “modernized” manner and then changed our minds to make us believe that using the raw materials is witchcraft and traditional herbalists are nothing but witches. It was all in the way they had instructed our minds. They took our ideas and modified them and presented them as their own.

It then went to the dependency syndrome. Them looking like our messiahs who came to rescue us.

Before the western world conquered Africa, was there any facts that reveal that we were going nowhere or we were going to be dead?

The reasoning on the definition of terms still traces to colonisation ideology which they succeeded by making us think and feel that what they told us is right and that’s why up to today, they define everything as a right. They are asking us to accept same sex relationships as a right, children have gone beyond control, they call it a right. Does it mean what Africans were, they were going to be dead by now? They only define African cultural practices as wrong which everyone is comfortable with.

They traded on us by taking away Africans to work in their fields not knowing that its part of Globalising Africans. Recently they say Globalisation as a driving terminology on development. Yet Black race existence everywhere on earth was part of globalisation. Africans are strategically position to take back superiority but the only fact that has barred us from reaching that point is that, colonialists managed to damage our reasoning capabilities to unite.

Africans were much connected to nature and that’s why, socialising with animals was part of us before colonialists came to detach us from nature. We didn’t have chronological history that would be guiding us to-date. We appreciate their role of globalising their languages which made us to understand what they say unlike those days but that doesn’t stop us from rediscovering what we were and what we are supposed to be.

Colonialists went through the world including the progressive China but the Chinese have never at one time left their identity because they were told to do so, likewise, entire Asian countries. Unlike Africans, we have lost trust and hope in what we are and now claim to be academicians of what we are not.

Ssebo? Counsel has been fairly consistent in describing African transportation means – Canoe (Boat) for extra Africa and Hyena for Intra Africa…

Such history tells us how old generation used to manage environment and wild life. There was that close connection. Unlike today where you only go and pay to see an animal in a zoo. Does it explain the term civilisation according to how some of us may think? Now we are experiencing a lot of problems today because we call it everyone’s right to do anything. We are on lockdown conditionally simply because someone is taking advantage of others for individual gain etc according to different conspiracies. Can we call it a free world for us all or others are taking advantage of other’s ignorance to their advantage?

Turning our backs on our history has made our history turn its back on us. Whatever we do, we shall always never believe in what we are.
Therefore, our ideology should be seeking to uproot current generation to join back the old generation in emerging their knowledge to make Africa great again.
Ubuntu has the same meaning of “ATEKER”

That’s why I referred to it as based on colonial ideology. Now we are here to pick up. If we remain looking back, we shall be missing the point of a progressive Africa. My point is, involving our Traditional Leaders and elders with now the current educated generation of technology to integrate technology in our traditional cultures which elders and traditional leaders would have guided us through.

Which I agree with Prof. Lumumba that our political leaders have gone beyond dependency that they wait for others to call them to go and resolve their problems in Europe, Asia, USA, etc yet they sit with the problems.
You didn’t address the Africanisation of systems such as transportation, education and Technology!

No one is saying we embrace the western cultures like same Sex marriages. However, we cannot align everything civilization brought as colonialism. For instance, is internet and WhatsApp as modern means of communication bad? Is education bad? Why choose the negative aspects of western culture and call them colonialism or civilization. By the way when are you developed African internet or it’s what is called kifaro?

Which is outside my point. Can you please breakdown to our understanding what civilisation mean in our language so that may be my point can be understood. Historically, Civilisation begun in Africa which we are never told in history. Having transferred resources outside African, then they explain it to us that it started outside Africa.

Your argument from the beginning is still based on what the west taught us to follow. The main focus we are trying to put ourselves in is that, Now we are here, how can we make a move from where we are to where we hope to go than to wait for someone to come and tell us what to do?

This is very important for the preservation of our history, culture and pride.
In the Ugandan Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, for example, African doctors had perfected caesarean deliveries by the middle of the 19th century, with a high survival rate for both mothers and children.
But read most books and you get the impression that African medicine was juju, incantations and guess work.

And what happened to that perfected African caesarean delivered, it was yes part of African medicine which I agreed from the beginning was known but has remained rudimentary to-date. Dr ogwang’s presentation again in Germany and we still blame the colonial era instead of modernizing those African herbs and package them well rather than stick to African definition and ways of doing things. We cannot reverse modernity. Let’s adopt it. Copy it or modernize our ways to remain relevant lest we will be talking of African that and this whole still blaming the white-man that the colonial way we need to change. African politicians failed to do it the west way, failed to copy like the Chinese and have abandoned what was good from Africa living Africans totally confused in the middle in terms of development, modernization or progress.

In all fairness, I do actually like your line of arguments. We still have a long way to decolonise our mind-set, including all colonial systems which were put in place and are still in place.

I like the African patriotism, but unfortunately, it’s not the scientific truth. If civilization and everything started in Africa how come we are not developed or civilized even in the African context. How come the uncivilized people came and again took everything from and then brought back and defined in their way while we the ” civilized ” Africans were watching. I will fight for Africa anytime but not on pseudo intellectualism. There are so many good things that are African but there are also bad ones or inadequacies just like in the west. People borrow from cultures Africa borrows from many cultures just like am sure they also borrow from Africa. However, it’s not fair to try and assign what wasn’t African by origin to Africa and then try to claim it.

There are also universal concepts, ideas, ways that define humanity as humanity and you cannot say it’s African or European or whatever. For instance, Food, eating is need necessity to all man-kind, sleep, clothing, shelter, life, those basic needs which define our rights cannot be assigned to Africa, they are universal concepts. Finally, if a thief can come to your house, still an item wraps it and come back to sell to you and you buy it, use it and continue whispering at night that the item was yours without a serious proof or attempt to disprove, people might think you are the thief. Africa should abandon that line of argument and push for the African cultures which are unique as our ways of life even in a modern world, of course dropping those which unrealistic and repugnant and modifying or strengthen those that are good, that way African culture will remain relevant.

If I got it correctly, she was talking about the entire African values not just confined to what the educated call traditional birth attendants
Taking myself as an example, in my primary 2, a cobra at a distance of about 50 meters sent a volley of venom direct into my eyes
I was blind for three days in a government dispensary till my uncle ordered my removal from the dispensary to his home
Within 30 minutes of administering his herbs I was able to see again

We need to tell our own stories. We need to write it down for generations to come. We need to show young people how glorious they are and how they should not confine themselves in places created by westerners. We need to find our voice and tell our story. We need to rise to our former glory and get rid of this stigma around Africans. We need to stop hating and distancing ourselves from each other, thinking we are different and one is better than the other. We need to tell our story so our men can get out the stigma around them being criminals and women objects. That thing was brought to us, it’s not us.

The influence of so-called modernization threatened wildlife from being part of our social environment. Our Leaders used to have rules that regulate massive killing of wildlife. Once hunters trap pregnant animal, it’s loose back and if it’s young, they lose it back till gun ideology was introduced in to kill anything which is even making us brag like we are gods on others. However, my area of research is Mainly “Integrating technology in African cultures”

Home child births were a normal thing and children survived. Older women would deliver babies in the comfort of their own homes. Healthy babies. Use herbs to heal the mother and others to help the baby become strong and healthy. Now no one even dares consider home delivery. Instead private hospitals are charging a fortune for it and we are all flocking there.
That Home was before there was family planning. Our women of today may not be as energetic as our grandmothers used to be, could food and technology.

Twisted African history may during the modern era not the Stone Age when Africans were pure Africans.

Take me to what Africa taught us to follow in modern concepts or universal concepts and I will agree with you.

That’s a universal concept which has meaning and practice to all tribes and races it not unique to Zulu. It’s in us as human beings not Zulus or Africans alone. In Teso we call it Etunganane’.

Nearly 100 years since the colonialists left, we are still blaming colonialism for our problems? Africa wake up from your sleep! You write in a colonialist’s language, the only language I can communicate with my South African brothers not African language and you want to dismantle it and blame colonialism? Maybe we need to separate modernization, development and civilization from colonialism and also separate it from racial hatred.

Civilization put those animals in the park, zoo to save them. The African way was to hunt and eat or kill them in the struggle for survival.
Africa only domesticated a few animals, cows, goats, sheep, chicken, and may be dogs. The rest were wild to be hunted for fun and food. We didn’t conserve them. It’s actually informed ways of life like when you go and study that we also learnt certain good things.

If today you are out of Africa, studying and living the civilized way of the western world and criticizing everything education has given you, then you are not learning. Africa has it good, civilization or modernity has its good side but also bad aspects. Your education is meant to help you synthesize and thesis with your ant- thesis to come up with a synthesis. It cannot be done by rubbishing modern concepts as thieves of African civilization. Yes, there are concepts we can put in African perspective but it will dishonest to a lot universal concepts a home in Africa. Cultures we will agree there is a lot that is unique to Africa and we should be proud of that and more than anything, write down our own history.

We have history books and subjects in schools that have distorted our history. We as the young people do not know about our history and practices, we instead view them as either backward or witchcraft because we have been brought into this world of “civilization” where the African man is destitute reduced to a consumer. They have created such a deep dependency syndrome in us so much so that we should not think or be independent.

All they see are these children with running noses and begging bowls for food and naked bodies and malnourished.

For I know so well some of my white workmates believe we still live in caves.

The conspiracy theories that African scholars cannot disprove but keep forwarding to scare Africans. Science has answer to everything except God! Conspiracies of 5 G just need proof but 3 G and 4 G are working well
Corruption is just greed by some people not struggle. Why would one man eat a whole hospital, swallow a whole road? Remember Dr Marco coat and his illustration in Germany?

Can you tell us the origin of corrupt in Africa? Is this also from the colonialist?
Corruption by both western world and Africans brings that.
Turning that so you can believe in it needs unity which we don’t find ourselves embedded in. Our challenges. The same modernization you talking about didn’t come to this level within a blink of an eye. It took decades to arise to what you consider no change from it. However, our strong emphasis revolves around what we are now, going forward. What you refer to riding baboons etc is completely a different perspective to what we might be thinking. It might mean that, when we pronounce the term “Tradition” it’s more of going back half naked etc.

I simply say Now we are here with technology etc, how can we use our mirror as Africans for understanding the terms that we have been fed with to understand development as having a car, house, phone etc. in our standards how do we define it. That’s what is lacking with us.

Chinese used their traditional artistic practices for improving what they were in before 1994 to date as among the loan lending country to others
Is there no corruption in those countries?

Forget African unity, Kwame Nkurumah tried it and died in exile. You can in reality use modern concepts to define them in African history and try to claim them as African. Why did china wait until 1994 to copy and attract modern technologies to China? It had tried the chines way and failed for centuries. Just copy for modernity and keep you culture as your way of life for eating, telling stories and reliving the past.

It cannot be for development. You can use it for academic arguments, get PHD and come to live the modern way with modern and universal ideas. Talk African culture and we will agree it’s still relevant in guiding our way of life. Not modern transport, not modern communication, not universal concepts like human rights being African, they are universal. Not exclusive.

That’s why up to now they don’t allow any same sex marriage in their lands
Do they find themselves in a mess like how we are by waiting western world to come and tell us what to do?

Today you can’t take your children to your uncle because you didn’t help him package, developed that African medicine in a modern way to suit the times. We can only lament and blame colonialism for it, not so?

UAE 🇦🇪, Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, Qatar 🇶🇦 who have never bowed to the western ideology, do they struggle for power like how we are It’s what we are taught by westerners on how to define how we should rule or structure ourselves as if we didn’t have organized political systems.

Corruption by both western world and Africans brings that.
Africa had tribal or clan systems and life was survival of the fittest. Jungle life.

That’s why up to now they don’t allow any same sex marriage in their lands. Do they find themselves in a mess like how we are by waiting western world to come and tell us what to do?

Is there no corruption in those countries?
That’s culture not corruption. Because we allow them and trust what they tell us but we fail to trust our own believes. So we blame the western for our naivety?

The strength they have in their culture don’t allow unnecessary pressure from outside to tell them what to do and what not to do
The Question would be is Africa ready for democracy?
Is it time to return power back to the traditional rulers!
We learn from our past, the lessons from the past make a better tomorrow. Samson doesn’t agree with this; he thinks we should rewind the clock.
Now senior will it make sense for us to say that Iteso copied “Eitunganane” from “Ubuntu” baganda also have it as “Obuntubulamu” Did those communities come together to agree on it or who plagiarised who?
Pseudo Intellectualism. Those who sliced Africa in their executive boardrooms viewed Africa as a civilization with potential to rival western civilization and they fought it as such. African Archaeologists should help us to correct the history that was written for us that was tailored towards distorting our strong points making Africa vulnerable.

It’s also essential for us to read about international politics that determines how we should view the world and ourselves.
How was African democracy practiced? By dictatorship?
Democracy is a universal concept that can be practiced and enjoyed by everyone. African dictators who often do want to leave power used that to over stay arguing that Africa is not ready for democracy because it’s a western concept yet the walk around in western suits, drive cars, run to their hospitals by keep yelling or Africa is not ready.

It’s because colonialists never told us the positive perspective of African traditional rule simply because they have their interests. All we remain believing about African leaderships is that it’s full of dictatorship. When you grow up from with that mind-set, whenever you see any African leadership, your mind-set will always see dictators. What positive stories of African cultures have colonialists taught Africans that it’s good or excellent?

African ideology can be traced back from living elders and our traditional leaderships as the current generation has lost track of it.

Colonialists only left physically so but left everything else behind to continue to its mission. Every system is theirs, from education, health, food, finance. We believed them so much that we are actually indoctrinated.
A lot of Africans have written. If you go to Africana sections of most major libraries in good universities or departments of philosophy especially African philosophers have written but fail to take Africa forward.

Do you believe that the destruction of Africans mind-sets is worse than coronavirus? We have claimed to be educated enough but we don’t understand who we are. African ideology on what subject. African cultures and cultural practices are reach but most of them need to be married to modernity in order for to develop. This is where our kings should come in to drive the agenda.
Is it not time to accept that we are defeated, and pick up pieces and see what is doable for the betterment of Africa going forward? I think Chinese realised that in 1994 and hijacked everything from the coloniser which can work for them, whilst maintaining their religion and culture. They hijacked the manufacturing industry and tried to use cheap labour and materials to be more competitive. They stuck to technology and only changed it into their local language of Mandarin. They copied everything done by the West, from weapons to clothing. But they kept eating their food and use their local medicine packaged in the modern way. What is key with them is that they don’t spend their money outside of Asia. They only drive Toyota, from the neighbours Japan or Korean cars. If they are abroad, they don’t even use the local banks. They rather transport their money home by ship. I think we can learn one or two things from the Chinese and do our own thing to free our continent. Out of what you view as positives in African traditional practices, can we begin practical documentation and implementation of integrating technology into such positive ones such that we suit and attract the current generation to start thinking positive about Africa?

China and Africa – a problem or opportunity
Africa must get rid of prefects installed by colonisers and go back to what is in our DNA, clans and kingdoms. Clan leaders are responsible for people they are biologically related to and if a clan leader steps out of line the grandchildren know what to do. There is also the African spiritual discipline embedded in their administration. The current prefects, before the clan and kingdom federal systems are reinstated, should responds to colonial behaviour in a ÌDI Amin style. The year is 2020 and our people are being treated in China and Asian countries as if the year is 1620 and the first draft of King James Bible isn’t available.
What sort of history? Will our great great grandchildren will read about in the year 2420? Will they throw dates at our monuments and worship and emperor far far away or will they be free men and women? China could be an opportunity if our leaders knew the value of what lies under their feet rather respecting that which runs on water and blood, here today gone tomorrow
If all of us should go back and concentrate on micro lives, then we lose legality to discuss global issues. Let’s leave Africa to those who still feel relevance of macro constructive African issues.

Your original argument was that there are African human rights, African development, African democracy and African technology that can be defined in the African way without the wrong or biased western way. And begun by saying those are universal concepts. I have also consistently argued that Africa had cultures and cultural practices. Some good some bad. We can keep the good as we marry them with modernity instead of continuing to shout about African way of that or that. Take a lead as African cultural structures. If your kingdom embraced modernity and turned most of its traditional assets in modern income and development giants, the Silicon Valley would be in lubiri in Uganda. Most of those suffering in china wouldn’t be. Our fellow Africans can’t use the local resources to turn around the fortunes of their people. They steal everything but luxuries instead of social development and yet continue to blame colonialism. Are we going to mourn for eternity?
History speaks for itself that African destroyer was lack of documentation! Even till now we are losing our recent history despite knowing how to read and write. Our trust on ourselves was sold out to think anything from Africa is not good.
I highly applaud persistence of few kingdoms of Africa in sustaining cultural practices amidst high struggles with young generation. Kingdoms of Ghana 🇬🇭, Zulu, Buganda kingdom in Uganda 🇺🇬, Nigeria 🇳🇬, etc.

The African identity is defined by its cultures and so are the rest. Not definition of concepts in African “way”. African kingdoms have a lot of documented history. It’s how to use it that’s a problem. You cannot use history to keep in the past like Nanaya said. Use it to bring desirable change not for lamentation. Most west African and South African kingdoms documented and have kept their history but are not using it to move forward.
No. we are using the modernized mind set to debate now. The mind set change did not kill us. Religion helped us. Education helped us, modernization helped us stop riding baboons, technology and communication helped us, human rights respect saved us from savagery. Coronavirus is coming to kill all of us Africans and whites.

The psychological damage that dispelled the chronological practices of African cultures making the current generation feel that what they are enjoying now, they wouldn’t have got when practiced African cultures. Which is a complete damage where we become enemies of what we were meant to be. China is still far ahead because they still maintain their cultures, England has the Queen stole some of African cultures for strengthening what they are today, Spain has kingdoms, Japan etc. that didn’t mean they remain in what they were before colonization. The main point is; we UNITE as in old folks for traditional cultures and cultural leaders with current generation of technology in order to modify our cultural practices to suit 21st century for Social, economic and political independence and development.

We have one African country that was not colonized – Ethiopia, tell me what unique African development, democracy, human rights or technology developed from Ethiopia to turn around the fortunes of its people. In-fact they are now copying modernity and doing better in the copying. They abandoned what was repugnant in African cultures. Kept what is good- food etc and embraced modernity. The time for blaming colonialism is over, Africa wake now and learn from china.
To bring back lost Africans means they will like being African and will always continue to be proud being African.
Just like how you so protective to colonialists, Africans should as well be defensive and be proud to be Africans.

Am only a realist not an African utopian. I love Africa but will not continue blaming the past for eternity. The African leaders must take the blame now for their failures to develop Africa and must stop passing the bucket! That’s my thought pattern. We can do what others have done and progress rather than being stuck in the mud of the past and dreaming of African this African that which has not worked for centuries!
Ethiopia 🇪🇹 wouldn’t have standalone against pressure from colonialists that surrounded them. If you meant entire Africa, it would have given Ethiopia more support.

Like I have repeatedly emphasized, “Now we are here, we notice there are gaps which we need to bridge as Africans. Let’s use existing Cultural leaders, elders and educated class amidst us to integrate technology into our cultural practices so as to attract lost Africans back to think positive about themselves/Africa.

Compiled by Thembi Muhuwa, AGN online administrator.

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